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YUHANG (YISU) is a professional customizing factory and manufacturer of cartoon pajamas, like animal pajamas, cosplay pajamas, Kigurumi pajamas, with fleece, flannel, coral and other fabrics. We have more than 10 years of experience in design and production of home textile fabrics, clothing and labor protection and the factory covers a total area of 7600 square meters, has a sewing workshop of 3500 square meters, and has a mature and complete production line with the domestic top sewing equipment and a monthly production capacity of 20000 pieces.

1. Different raw materialsThe raw material of flannel is wool and other blended wool fabrics.The raw material of polar fleece is 100% polyester (long fiber, short fiber, superfine fiber), and some ...
Polar fleece is a kind of knitted fabric. It is a small ingot knitting structure, which is woven on a large circular machine. After weaving, the grey fabric is first dyed, and then processed by var...
Recently, the American clothing and Footwear Association (AAFA) claimed that because a large number of children's pajamas with potential quality hazards are sold in the United States, it requires t...
It's not easy to win the favor of pregnant mothers, but in the exhibition halls of British baby i-mummy and i-baby, many pregnant mothers are queuing up to consult and order, and the hot scene is spec